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Lolita will again demonstrate the absence of complexes



Lolita was invited by representatives of the NTV channel to the role of the host of the program. This time its name is "Lolita". The heroes of the show will, with the help of Milyavskaya, look for a way out of the situations that have developed in their lives. "I," says Lolita, "really missed my program and hoped for its return last year on Friday, but due to the crisis, the channel abandoned the project, despite the fact that two pilot episodes had already been filmed. In 2007, the talk show was closed on my own initiative, I was just tired. Endless shootings, concerts, corporate parties - there was not enough time for anything. Now I have agreed with the TV channel for such a fee that will allow me to abandon corporate events, tour less and fully concentrate on filming. I still receive letters from former heroes of the program or those who were able to use it to change something in their lives. Viewers and fans wanted to see me on the air again, and I'm glad it will happen soon."

Laura | 14.06.2023 17:26:33