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The SCO summit moved to the Chebarkul training ground in the Chelyabinsk region



The SCO summit moved today to the Chelyabinsk training ground. The six presidents - the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Uzbekistan - will oversee the 2007 Peace Mission exercises. Six thousand military personnel - Chinese and Russian - participate in the maneuvers. Their task is to "destroy" conditional terrorists by striking on the ground and from the air. The more successfully this scenario is played, the more likely it is that it will not happen again in real life. The scenario of the joint exercises "Peace Mission-2007" currently taking place at the Chebarkul training ground in the Chelyabinsk region is as follows: The presidents of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan decide to conduct a joint anti-terrorist operation, having received an appropriate UN mandate for this, and entrust its implementation to the joint staff. Today, the culmination of the exercises is the active phase. "The main objective of these exercises is the joint training of military command and control bodies and troops to solve the problems that may arise," said Vladimir Moltenskoy, head of the exercises from the Russian Armed Forces (pictured). The terrorists are supported by separatists from the neighboring state N. The task of the coalition forces is to cut off the gang from the allies, take the village of Pashino in a tight ring and free the hostages, detaining or destroying the bandits. The fight against conditional terrorists is on all fronts. From the air, enemy positions are attacked by Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, Chinese Flying Leopard fighter-bombers, helicopters and paratroopers. Artillery, motorized riflemen and special forces are working on the ground. "Peace Mission-2007" is the first SCO exercise, in which all member countries of the organization take part. Each state itself determined the format of its presence: two thousand military personnel from Russia are directly involved in the maneuvers, another two and a half thousand ensure the holding of events; Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan sent paratroopers, Uzbekistan - only officers to work in the joint headquarters. The largest foreign delegation from China: six hundred military personnel and more than forty aircraft and helicopters. Continuous training and rehearsals of the teachings themselves - there were three of them in total - made it possible to achieve the main thing - coordinated actions. "I am very pleased to note that at the dress rehearsal of the exercises, none of those present could distinguish where, for example, Russian paratroopers work, where they are Chinese, and where they are Kazakh. It was evident that everyone acted in harmony and clearly fulfilled their task," said Xu Jiliang, head of the 2007 Peace Mission exercise from the People's Liberation Army of China. "Our actions will be appreciated by the political and military leadership, colleagues present here, and media representatives. But I would like to note one thing: within the framework of the SCO on planning and joint use of troops, we have achieved a lot and learned a lot from each other," Vladimir Moltenskoy said at a press conference. Today, the joint training counter-terrorist operation will be conducted in the presence of all the heads of the SCO member states who have already begun to arrive at the training ground.

Laura | 15.06.2023 19:47:34