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Giving up sugar improves health in 9 days



Photo: reana/ American scientists have reported that one of the troubles of modern man is the high consumption of sugar. Children are especially affected, whose health is undermined by sweets, and whose weight is steadily increasing. Experts from the University of California found that giving up sugar leads to significant health improvements in 9 days. The results of the work can be found in the journal Obesity. Scientists monitored children and adolescents whose age ranged from 9 to 18 years. They came to the conclusion that for 9 days of restrictions in the menu of sugars (children were not given sweets, but offered other carbohydrate-containing foods - pasta, cereals, etc.), the health of the subjects improved significantly. In total, sugar was reduced from 28 to 10%. As for health, the following indicators have improved. The level of fats and bad cholesterol in the blood dropped, and the previously high blood pressure decreased. The liver also began to work better. The concentration of insulin and glucose decreased. Scientists have summed up: the health of the child can be improved in just a third of the month. It is enough just to remove excess sugar from the diet.

Laura | 17.06.2023 08:34:39