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Giving up sugar improves health in 9 days



Photo: reana/ American scientists have reported that one of the troubles of modern man is the high consumption of sugar. Children are especially affected, whose health is undermined by sweets, and whose weight is steadily increasing. Experts from the University of California found that giving up sugar leads to significant health improveme...

Laura | 17.06.2023 08:34:39

The SCO summit moved to the Chebarkul training ground in the Chelyabinsk region



The SCO summit moved today to the Chelyabinsk training ground. The six presidents - the leaders of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, China and Uzbekistan - will oversee the 2007 Peace Mission exercises. Six thousand military personnel - Chinese and Russian - participate in the maneuvers. Their task is to "destroy" conditional terrorists by striking on the g...

Laura | 15.06.2023 19:47:34